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I'm Mariola

your training guide

After 9 years of working long hours, over the weekend and under constant pressure Mariola came to the stage she was no longer happy. She decided to take an online business opportunity to pursue her dreams and have more time for her passions and family. 

She knows that life is more than 9-5 job and she wants to help others to reach their goals and live life to the fullest. 

Here's what you will learn about in my training:

In this training, we're diving into key strategies that will revolutionize the way you approach life and business.

  • ​How to start a business online without any previous experience
  • How to achieve your goals while helping others achieve theirs
  • How to utilize the internet to create more time freedom
  • How to create an independent income and quit your job
  • ​How entrepreneurship can change your life
Welcome to our awesome community of rebels and architects of change like you!

We're all about positive vibes and making things happen!
Think of us as your supportive network as you start your own business journey.

This golden opportunity not only gives you the knowledge and
tools to kick off your own online business but also..
You don't have to do it alone!
Why not learn from us - been there and done that!

In our community, you will not only pick up new skills and habits
but also find tools that help you be your best self.

Plus, you'll connect with amazing humans worldwide
who share your goals and ideas.

Remember, we're stronger together!

  How do I know if this is for me?

So, here you are, and it's not by chance. There's a reason you've found yourself on this page. Perhaps you sense a void in your life or you want to escape from a less-than-ideal situation.

Ever wondered, "Is this really all there is?"
The feeling that there must be more to life, right?!

Whether you're here dreaming of a full-time adventure around the world or desiring more moments at home with loved ones—family, pets, or just yourself. Maybe it's about saying 'yes' to every birthday, party, or holiday without that nagging thought, "Can I actually get time off?"

If any of this has crossed your mind, then you're in the right place!

  How do I get started?

You're at the beginning of your journey right now!

In the webclass, we introduce you to our educational training platform, laying out everything you need to kickstart and establish a thriving online business.
It's all right in front of you!

  What if I don't have ANY experience?

Don't worry, you can get started from scratch!

Our training platform is crafted for everyone, regardless of your starting point. Whether you're building your online business from the ground up or expanding existing knowledge, as long as you're eager to learn, you've found your spot!
Ready to jump in?

  When can I quit my job?

Hold on a second!

I get it, making this happen is super important to you right now.
But, it's a good idea to stick with your job a bit longer!

Put your money into your business, learn and earn more.

Most people leave their regular jobs in 1-2 years.
How soon that happens depends on how hard you work!
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